March and April makes…



Another month down and well into the last month of the quarter. I’m glad the colder months are speeding by. As I write the garden is full of snowdrops and daffodils almost ready to burst into bloom. Spring is well and truly on its way.

February was very jam packed and March at the moment is proving to be just as busy. Firstly February makes….

Top left picture is a skirt for my mum. The pattern needed grading and I was so pleased it fit perfectly! Sewing and pattern cutting lessons are paying off. The next three items were in the unfinished pile, the green and white one languishing almost 6 years! Finally bottom right is Carina’s wedding dress toile also a perfect fit!

Moving on from my making addiction, it’s fair to say February was slightly difficult. It started with the funeral of a lady who played a fairly big role in my life being married to my dad for quite a few years and at 54 was really much too young. Each funeral you attend makes you stop and think about life very carefully. Over the past few years I have lost both of my dads and seen people close to me loose people close to them. It is only a strong faith and hope for the future that gets you through these times and helps you to survive.

At the beginning of the month Kent also had to do a trip to France. I really dislike when we are miles apart. These made up for it.


It was good to get him home safe then during February half term it was time for Kent to stay home whist mum and I took the children up to Scotland to see granny and grandad. Lots of nice ambles in the woods and on the beach.

After returning it was time to hit the personal training hard with a new running and circuit training program.

On the creative front time to stretch out of my comfort zone as I used Tanya Wheelans book Sew Many Dresses to make a pattern for Carina’s dress and put it together in calico. In pattern cutting I started on my own dress design. Some way to go but it is a fitted quarter length sleeve dress with a pleated insert at the back in a charcoal cotton. I hope to wear it in April!

On the last weekend of the month we chose a new car and went for a walk in Fineshades with the family- it was definitely a very full and mixed month!



January has been a mixed month. Bullet journaling has kept me focused on new routines and working through my list of unfinished projects.

There were 16 projects and several mending tasks I had been asked to do. It was tough not to cut into new fabric or unwrap new yarn but it meant I managed 4  repair tasks and completed 9 unfinished knitting, sewing and crochet projects.

I am going to continue that this month as I still have 5 projects in my basket that need completing.

Bullet journaling has also made me more aware of some habits. One that I need to consider is Tv. Since giving up watching the soaps about 8 years ago, I thought I didn’t watch mutch Tv. This month I have clocked up 17 films at home, one at the cinema and 3 tv series. I think this is how I have managed to finish some of the knitting projects but I am hoping to reduce this time as the weather warms up and the pull of sitting by a cozy fire lessens.

It hasn’t all been sitting around though. I started back with my trainer and have completed 9 sessions at the gym. Alf has also added some personal training to his homeschool timetable and it has been great to see his determination to stick to a healthy exercise routine.

We have had some lovely weekends and some not so good ones. Sadly at the beginning of the year my younger brothers lost their mum. This has been a sad time for all of us bringing back memories of all the other loved ones we have lost.

Happier memories include a luxe cinema trip with Alfie and Iona where we totally indulged in junk food,  a lovely meal out with a good friend at Worzals, mum and Dan stopping for the weekend including a walk with Bella round the local nature trail and delicious hot chocolate at the end in the golf club, a weekend visit from further away friends with a lovely evening board gaming in front of the log burner, a family walk round Ferry Meadows, a visit to my lovely sister and her family where we enjoyed a lovely meal together and a sleepover at mums with a family get together party tea.

I have also enjoyed 2 very intense and productive sewing lessons and attended EYFS training with my other lovely sister who made working on non work day bearable.

Kent as always a complete star making the cogs of our life turn smoothly especially as I have been suffering from the most awful cold and chest infection this last few weeks.

Today starts a new month…happy February everybody🤗

November makes…

November is over already. Only a few weeks to go before the shortest day and then slowly our days will become longer again.

To be fair, we have had some amazing November days, bright sun and crisp frosty  weather, just enough to get you through the dark, grey miserable days.



The 30 days were certainly full and busy, no slowing down yet. The highlights were a zoo experience day on the 6th where Alfie and Iona had the chance to work with a zoo keeper at Banham getting close to animals and learning about some of the work that goes on at the zoo.

We also went for an indoor family skydive session at Milton Keynes. It was an interesting experience- Iona being a complete natural and scoring the highest grades of all of us.

In the making department, Iona’s jumper and scarf made the finished pile along with Phoebe’s flamingo dress. The coat almost made it, I’m pretty sure I can finish it today. It’s currently draped over my legs as  I’m writing this and drinking good strong coffee, multi tasking at its best.

If only today could be one of those lazy sorts but no…this month I have committed to getting back on track with my fitness goals and I have grueling lunch time session to look forward to with my trainer. Best to start as we mean to go on 😉


September and October makes…

Just two items completed over these two months but many more projects started and worked on. Finishing off always takes so long! Not sure why I procrastinate so much over the smallest finishing off tasks but it always happens and it’s so hard to resist the lure of cutting into a brand new piece of fabric or taking the band off a fluffy new ball of yarn.

The second little green baby jumper made from the left over yarn was quite quick and simple. The Chantilly dress caused a few more headaches but it is now in circulation and has been worn out once.

I’m not sure how flattering the design is but it sure is comfy to wear. The pattern needed some pretty major adjustments but I’d like to try it one more time now the steps are clearer. It is fully lined and the outer shell is made from a cotton lawn which has a lovely peachy feel to it. Although it is a summer dress I’m seriously considering pairing it with brown boots and a blue cardi for the winter.

Hopefully more of my works in progress will hit the blogging pile by the end of the month ☺️

New beginnings

I usually love September. Last year I wrote about how September is like the beginning of a new year, usually you are feeling refreshed from the summer holidays and ready to go.

I have to say, I’m not quite feeling it this September and probably its to do with change. I don’t do change very well, it takes a long time to feel settled again. Despite that the changes are good changes and ones which I have been looking forward to for a few years.

The first is that I am now a homeschooling mum for my oldest son. The second is I have reduced my school teaching commitment to two days which means I have had to let go and allow my job share who is also my sister, to take a leading role.

The highlights are getting to spend more time with my son who is growing up so quickly that I am thankful for this precious extra time. I am at home more which is always a good thing to me and I have less work related stressful feelings!

The downside is my brain is suffering terribly trying to keep up with GCSE level work and making sure I can offer the right level of guidance and support and of course less income.

On balance though, still feeling like we made the right choice.

Today is an unexpected sewing day as my son has gone off to work with dad to a trade show looking very smart for a mini work experience. Having spent the morning yesterday clearing and sorting the sewing room, it is good to go.

With a little more flexibility I have started pattern cutting classes and have been attending an improvers sewing work shop where I have been making the 1960’s coat from series 2 of the Sewing Bee.

On the making front, the chantilly dress is very nearly complete. More about that in September makes. My list of planned sewing and requests is going to keep me busy indeed next month. To start with a grey linen jacket with peplum detailing for my mum, a pretty pink flamingo party style dress for my niece and a shirt for my great nephew. In addition to this, pattern cutting homework and my coat which will hopefully be ready for the rumored 4 months of artic weather ahead…really???

Happy making 😊